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Wellis® Spas

It’s time to make your backyard dreams a reality. Create the perfect outdoor space for entertainment, recreation and leisure with the addition of a Wellis® spa. Since 2003, the Wellis® brand has become well known around the world for high-quality products and prices that can fit most budgets perfectly. Each spa is designed for comfort, longevity and an exceptional experience. State-of-the-art features are integrated into each and every spa, from hydrotherapy jets to help ease tension and LED lights that are cost-effective, to a water filtration system that exceeds industry standards. Whether you’re looking for a new approach to health and wellness through water-based therapeutic techniques such as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy or chromatherapy, or are simply looking to create an outdoor retreat that caters to your entertainment needs, Wellis® has the right spa for you.

Wellis® Series
Seating Capacity
Taurus hot tub
Orion P&P hot tub
Orion Scandi
Orion P&P hot tub
Orion P&P
Libra hot tub
Leo PP hot tub
Leo Scandi
Leo PP hot tub
Leo PP
Hercules hot tub
Olympus hot tub
Monte Rosa hot tub
Monte Rosa
Mont Blanc hot tub
Mont Blanc
Rome hot tub
Paris hot tub
Milan hot tub
London hot tub
Berlin hot tub

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