HydroPool Swim Spas

Want to Get the Swim Spa of Your Dreams?


A swim spa is the perfect combination of a swimming pool and hot tub. If your backyard doesn’t have the space to accommodate a large swimming pool, or you love the idea of a hot tub but require a little more space for recreational activities, chances are that a swim spa is the solution for you. Equipped with many of the features of a modern hot tub, Hydropool Swim Spas offer users seating areas, powerful jets, a user-friendly control system, and so much more. Most advanced swim spas are even equipped with a powerful jetting system at the far end of the open-concept tank. This jet creates a single stream of water that offers enough resistance for users to swim, walk or jog against, as a part of an exercise routine. To learn more about our wide selection of Hydropool Swim Spas for sale, browse through our online gallery below or visit us in-store at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Southeastern Pennsylvania today.

AquaSport 17 fX
AquaSport 16 fX
AquaSport 19 DTfX
Executive Sport 16Ex
AquaTrainer 14fX
AquaTrainer 14 fX
2020 AquaTrainer 17 fX
AquaTrainer 17 fX
Executive Sport 19Ex
2020 AquaTrainer 19 DTfX
AquaTrainer 19 DTfX
AquaSport 12 fX
AquaPlay 12
AquaPlay 12FFP
AquaTrainer 16fX
AquaTrainer 16 fX
AquaSport 14 fX


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